Stuff We Do | Zen Core Media

Stuff We Do

Zen Core Media is primarily dedicated to creating cool and awesome content for viewing online, however we do on occasion work with others on their projects (we need to eat too…). If you are looking for someone to partner with in order to get your project started, here is a small list of services we can provide.

Main Services

  • Cinematography (We even have our own camera)
  • Video Editing (We use Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects)
  • Sound Editing (We use Adobe Audition and on occasion Audacity)
  • Indy Film Foley
  • Sound Recording (Via a Tascam DR-60D, Audio-Technica ATR-6550 and AT8035)

Little Known Services

  • Logo and Splash Screen Creation (We use Adobe Photoshop along with After Effects and Premiere)