We have released the 1.1 update of Ultimate DM which with the help of the community should make the app even better. Here is a little about what we have added and changed.

Cloud Saves

We have added Cloud Saves for the initiative campaigns. Now when you save your initiative panel campaign, you can access it on any device you use that’s connected to your Google Play login in. This also means that you won’t lose any campaign info should anything happen to your device.

Dice Generator

We have made significant changes to the dice generator including changing the layout to make it easier to use.  The button for each die choice is larger and easier to hit on smaller devices.  We have also set each panel to show all dice rolled with a sub-total, making it easier to keep track of what was rolled and when.  Lastly, we changed the panel order so the latest rolls are at the top of the list.

Loot Generator

We made a small layout change to the loot generator, replacing the level drop-down with a slider to make it easier to use on smaller devices. We also made the loot amount drop-down into a text field making it easier to update.

What’s Next…

We are already hard at work on the next update which will include many more changes and additions.  The music player will be revamped for ease of use and will add functionality it is currently lacking.  We will also be adding a custom spell reference to the reference section for those with premium access.

Thanks to those who have downloaded Ultimate DM and we look forward to making it even better with your help.

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