Paradox Shift Book Cover

Paradox Shift

a Novel By

Danial Bingham

What happens when your best friend dies and then tells you that you have been created to save the universe? Malcolm will have to work through some issues as he travels with two people he’s never met on an adventure through the ages to stop a God from destroying everything.

It will take an amazing amount of will power to come to terms with the realities of the Universe as Malcolm, Alex and Varin learn that there are multiple Universes, all with different laws and physics, each with it’s own God that created everything. They will have to learn to rely on each other as they work through the mystery of why a paradox is ripping this Universe apart. Each will also have to come to terms with their new powers designed specifically to help them save the entirety of the Multiverse. Destiny can be such a pain in the ass…

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Author Bio

Danial Bingham

Since I was a kid, I have always enjoyed fantastical stories that brought me to far away places and times. It started when I read The Sword and The Stone when I was eight and I never stopped reading. As I grew older I gained a plethora of useless knowledge that I now use to create stories I find interesting. I like fantasy and science fiction primarily, but any story that has character and heart while maintaining a sense of humor works for me.