Why We Do What We Do

As a small and diverse company, we believe that our passion is what pushes us to learn. Because of that belief, we strive to partner with like-minded people on projects that push the boundaries of what we know and do. This forces us to learn and grow as a company.

What We Want To Accomplish

Like every other young company just starting, there are only a few things we want to accomplish. First and foremost, being able to eat on a regular basis is a good start. Being able to eat while doing something that we love to do would be even better. That’s why we are here, to get paid to produce amazing media with out crossing over into soul selling territory, with maybe a small amount of world domination thrown in for good measure (but not the bad kind of world domination where the world is on fire, the good kind where every one gets cheesecake. Unless you don’t like cheese cake…)