Ultimate DM Update

Coming soon, there will be an update to Ultimate DM, streamlining the initiative panel and adding custom features to the app. We are also going to create a roadmap of updates and improvements that we plan to make in the future.

Ultimate DM Player Panels

Initiative Tracker

We have made several improvements to the tracker that should make running your campaign a little easier. First, we have added an add player dialog box which will make adding players and enemies easier.  This dialog box adds option like passive perception and the ability to add several copies at once.  Now you can add three of the same enemy with a single tap.  We have also created a details dialog box for setting conditions and updating your players making it easier to change character stats easily.  On the initiative panel itself, we have changed the layout slightly making information easier to read.  The max hp is located in an oval just under the current hp box and the boxes around AC and Passive Perception are different shapes making it easier to tell the stats apart.  Also, when you hit the Turn Over toggle, the background of that character dims making it easier to tell which players have gone and which are up next.  All in all we hope these changes will make it just a bit easier to use the Initiative Tracker.

Character Library

We have also added a character library that currently holds many different enemies you can add to your campaign.  The current library holds over One hundred different enemies and we will be adding to that count over the course of several future updates.  As a premium option, we have also added the ability to add custom enemies that you can save to the library making it easier for you to quickly set up random encounters.


In an effort to bring you even more useful tools, we have added some premium options to make things even easier. Along with the custom characters you can add to the library, we have also added a custom tab you can use to add information you need to the reference section of the app. This is only the beginning of the customization’s we plan on adding to the app.  Soon we will release a roadmap, detailing all the option we plan to add.  Since this app is designed to help Game Master’s, we will also be taking all feedback and working some of your idea’s into the mix so make sure you leave any feedback you may have here.

We hope these changes make your tabletop gaming experience a little easier and wish you the best in Ultimate Gaming.

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